Jillian Barberie

"Jillian Barberie Reynolds Loses 41 Pounds With Nutrisystem"



Last year Jillian lost 41 pounds on Nutrisystem and is now the official spokesperson for the weight loss program. Incredibly, Jillian was able to achieve this incredible weight loss and look amazing, after the birth of her daughter Ruby Raven…all while following the Nutrisystem Program.
For less than $3.00 a meal (yes, you read right) you can look and feel amazing as well. Nutrisystem has developed for 2009 their best program yet and as always with America’s leading weight loss program, you get to enjoy great tasting, healthy favorites delivered right to your door!


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Nutrisystem Advance Commercial Featuring Jillian Barberie

She is so confident in her revitalized, shapely body that she even wears a bikini to prove it!
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Women’s Program
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Women's Type II Diabetic Program
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Women's Vegetarian Program
Men's Vegetarian Program

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