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Jillian Barberie is Too Faced Cosmetics New Beauty Ambassador!

Jillian Barberie Reynolds posted a fresh status on her Facebook page about the exclusive appointment as beauty ambassador of Too Faced Cosmetics along with some other key updates. Read on below for more details about Jillian's post...

"Just wanted to thank you all again for your posts about the morning show...... Its been a remarkable time for me !!! I loved getting your day started for 2 decades!! I just found out I will be shooting a pilot for my own show about celebrity, pop culture, fashion and more..... To say I'm beyond thrilled is an understatement. And it's for a company that I'm a fan of...... Hopefully I'll be back on your tv soon enough!
I've been taking a little personal time as well since there is so much going on in my life.... ..... Grant will be going overseas for our country in a few months so please keep him in your prayers. I've never been a soldier's wife so this is all new to me!! He has taken a contracting position because of his special skill set.
I'll keep you posted ...... It's tough doing this school run stuff! I had a big meeting the other day with Too Faced Cosmetics in Irvine as I'm their new Beauty Ambassador on HSN TV. I was getting the kids ready for school and trying to pull myself together at same time to face the company that just hired me..... It was a juggling act that working mothers do every day but I was such a fish out of water!!!! Getting up and ready for the morning show was a piece of cake compared to this!
Yesterday truly was a good Friday for me. I landed a role in a big movie starring Sylvester Stallone, Tom Berenger, Kyra Sedgewick Kevin Connelly Carey Elwes and Nelly the rapper. I have a very cool pivotal role I'm excited about. Met with the director and his wife yesterday and got the great news that I was cast .... I'm off to Tampa and NY soon for Too Faced so busy is good... I'll keep y'all posted and thx for the love!"

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