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Jillian Barberie Scores Exclusive Interview with Her Cleavage

Jillian Barberie returned to Fox’s struggling NFL pregame show on Sunday and made her presence felt immediately by scoring a fascinating interview with the area on her chest where her enormous breasts meet.

“It’s great to have Jillian back on the show,” said longtime co-host Terry Bradshaw. “I wonder if I could bury my face in there. Her breasts would feel amazing shaking back and forth on my bald head.”

Barberie was let go by “FOX NFL Sunday” at the end of last season after six years with the show as a weather girl. But she was hastily brought back this week in light of the show’s dipping ratings.

“We are going to have Jillian do the weather again, but we are also going to use her in some other areas, too,” said Jim McDowell, the executive producer of the show. “For whatever reason, a lot of male viewers really like seeing her on the show and we’re nothing if not agreeable to our viewers’ most base desires here at FOX, so we brought her back.”

After wowing her colleagues and viewers with her cleavage interview on Sunday, Barberie will talk one-on-one with her bare midriff on this week’s show. And the following week she will do an instructional piece showing viewers how to apply sunscreen to their entire body should they ever find themselves naked at a Dolphins home game.

“This is basically a public service piece,” said McDowell, “to educate people about the danger of skin cancer. And skin cancer is especially serious on the bare breasts and vagina, so we’ll be sure to really have Jillian lube up those areas.”

Barberie’s weather forecasts will also soon be delivered in a different format.

“They told me that my talking is distracting and unnecessary, so they want me to use symbolism to give the weather,” said Barberie. “So now when it’s sunny I am to take off my top and jump up and down on a trampoline and drizzle a melting ice cream cone all over myself, and when it’s cold I am to take off my top and rub ice on my nipples. And when it’s rainy they’ll just hose me down. It should be great for our deaf viewers. Or for viewers who have a penis.”

FOX NFL Sunday co-host Howie Long said he thinks the show is much improved with Barberie back.

“All I know is that I got wood on Sunday when she gave the weather,” he said. “That’s never happened before for me during the weather. In fact, Al Roker has never even come close to giving me one.”

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