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Jillian Barberie Reynolds is gonna have a baby!!

I knew it!!! If you watch Good Day L.A. every morning like I do, you probably have noticed a little bit of change in Jillian Barberie (now Reynolds) lately. First she colored her hair dark brown (and Jillian has always been known for her blonde highlights). Then, I raised my eyebrows suspiciously when it started looking like she was putting on some pounds. I wondered if her added weight was just a result of the happiness from being a newlywed and doing the eating, drinking and having a good time thing with your new hubby, or could it be more? Could Jillian possibly have a bun in the oven? Well folks, it looks like Jillian is going to be a mommy. She announced today that she is four months pregnant with her first child!

PEOPLE reports: This will be the first child for the Barberie, 40, and her husband, actor Grant Reynolds, 34. "We're both thrilled," Barberie says. "I feel like I'm at a place in my life where I just am really happy. I never thought I wanted kids I was a career girl all these years! I never thought about it before until him." The baby is due on July 7, a year to the day after the parents-to-be got married in an intimate ceremony in Barberie's backyard.

I love it! It's been a great year for Jillian ... first she finally finds the man of her dreams and soon after, she gets pregnant. All good things come in time. Congratulations Jillian & Grant

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