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How does Jillian Barberie look so young?

We just got tipped by an avid reader of the Jillian Barberie fansite that an interesting question about her was recently asked by one of the top contributors of Yahoo Answers.

The Yahoo Answers contributor was curious to know How Jillian Barberie still manages to look young at the age of 46?.

As expected, answers started pouring in from Jillian's ardent followers, fans, and also from some who have never heard about the pretty actress. Some said that she uses alot of moisturizer which makes her look young and some wrote that she takes good care of her body and self.

Interestingly, the top contributor who asked the question made a point that couldn't be ignored or left aside. He wrote that Jillian Barberie doesn't rely much on plastic surgery as she does have young personality which makes her look good.

Not to forget that Jillian is also the face of Nutrisystem products which help you lose weight in no time.

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