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This section contains the bio of famous Hollywood Actress Jillian Barberie Reynolds.

Jillian Barberie Biography

Jillian Barberie is a hot Canadian actress, weatherwoman and television hostess. Jillian Reynolds Barberie (real name Jillian Warry) was born on September 26, in a very small town in Ontario, Canada. She is the adopted baby of an electrician and nurse. Growing up in Canada and nicknamed ‘Diva’, Jillian was a pretty good ice skater. Jillian graduated from the Mohawk College (Hamilton) with a degree in Broadcast Journalism. After graduation Jillian worked for a variety of television stations as a broadcaster. Over the years Jillian Barberie has earned the respect of TV viewers as a perfect television reporter and total babe. Jillian kept the last name Barberie even after the divorce to ex-husband and former baseball player Bret Barberie. Apart from being an active animal rights activist, Jillian personally owns 9 rescued animals.

Jillian Barberie - The Hottest TV Personality

Jillian acted in several television dramas including Clueless (TV Series), V.I.P., and Melrose Place. She also hosted the TV show EX-treme Dating. She can currently be seen on the Los Angeles based show Good Day L.A. Jillian got the big break into prime time TV when in 2000 she was hired to present the weather on FOX NFL Sunday alongside James Brown, Howie Long and Terry Bradshaw. With her gorgeous playboy girl like figure, Barberie soon became a national personality and earned significant fan interest all over the country. Today this hot weatherwoman from a small town in Canada is one of the most popular TV personalities with a huge fan following. She was also a judge at the Miss USA 2006 Pageant.

Jillian Barberie - Personal life

Jillian Barberie's first marriage to former Major League Baseball player, Bret Barberie ended after 6 years (1996 - 2002). She continued keeping the surname Barberie as people all across the nation easily identified her by this name. On October 14, 2003 Jillian appeared on the Howard Stern Show and announced that she was a bisexual. On July 8, 2006 Jillian married actor Grant Reynolds in a private ceremony in her backyard. Immediately after her second marriage Jillian announced that she was changing her name to Jillian Reynolds but still keeping her professional name as Barberie. Almost one year after her second marriage on the morning of December 18, 2006, during the broadcast of Good Day L.A, Jillian Barberie announced that she was pregnant with her first child and also stated that it would be a girl. To keep her body fit and sexy, Jillian follows a very strict diet with a lot of protein and limits her carbohydrates.

Jillian Barberie Profile

Name: Jillian Barberie
Birth Name: Jillian Warry
Height: 5' 3?''
Sex: F
Nationality: Canadian
Birth Date: September 26, 1966
Birth Place: Burlington, Ontario, Canada
Profession: tress, TV host
Education: Mohawk College of Applied Arts and Technology in Hamilton, Ontario, (graduated with a broadcast journalism degree)
Husband: Grant Reynolds (actor; married on July 8, 2006)
Relationship: Bret Barberie (former Major League Baseball player; married in 1996 and divorced in October 2002)
Claim to fame: Hosted the national weather segment of FOX NFL Sunday pregame show.

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